Samuel Ryan

I create, develop and manage websites. Currently working for Curse, Inc where I manage the Minecraft Forum, which I created along with the Minecraft Wiki in 2009. In total, websites that I founded have been viewed 9,970,299,329 times and counting.

I can be found under the alias citricsquid on github, spotify, facebook, twitter, keybase, instagram, and you can reach me via


An easy to reference open source directory of HTTP Status Codes with straight forward descriptions, code references and additional detailed descriptions from the IETF HTTP Working Group.

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The official Minecraft Forum frequented by millions of Minecraft players every month. The central destination for every Minecraft player to discuss Minecraft, share experiences from their favourite game and enhance the experience with gameplay modifications, resource packs, servers and more.

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Minecraft players first stop to learn anything and everything about the game. Tens of thousands of articles curated by thousands of community editors, covering every item, every block and every recipe in the game. Millions of Minecraft players frequent the website every month, making it the most popular Minecraft information website.

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Embeddable project widgets for use on and the world wide web, with a JSON API enabling third parties to integrate hosting into their projects. Supporting millions of widget and API requests every month.

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